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Week 5 | Project 365

Oh my. How do I even start this post? Is there anything more frustrating than having plans and ideas and not being able to see them through? Anything more frustrating than feeling like a failure? Especially at something you love to do? Especially when that something you love to do is your job? I don’t think so. That’s what this week was for me. I was so excited for this months new theme. I had so many details I wanted to capture and so many ideas I wanted to make happen. Inspiration pouring out of my head. I couldn’t wait to make some art. Then my kids happened. Some people are blessed with kids who love to help with a photography project or love to have fun in front of the camera. I try and make photographing my kids fun. But they just are not fans. I always have to capture them in their element and when they aren’t really aware of the camera. I love doing that. That is real. That is them. Yet there are times where I need some slight cooperation and some slight posing just to make an idea come to life. It then becomes like pulling teeth and I have to work with something else. I don’t want to push them. I don’t want them to hate the camera or hate photography. As they get older I am letting them try my camera and feel its weight and magic. I am hoping that will help. Until then, I have to come to terms that sometimes my ideas will never meet fruition. Not this week anyway. So what am I left with? Typically I am left with frustration, stress, and feeling unfulfilled. But then I have to stop and ask myself why? Because I couldn’t get my 7 and 4 years old to do exactly as needed? Because they just weren’t feeling it? Because I now feel like I have nothing to show for the week? The thing is that I do. I still have my 7 photos. Are they what I thought they would be? Are they what I had so perfectly planned out in my head? No. Not even close. I would go so far as to say I am very unhappy with this week and how some of these images came out. They are plain. They are normal. They are un-creative. And then I stop, and take a second look. I see my beautiful kids. I see them as they are in those moments. They go from being ordinary to extraordinary, because I still captured them. Ten years down the road I wont remember this being a pulling-out-hair frustrating week. I will look back on these images and remember Breezy’s messy bun, their sibling bond, curls, smiles and laughter. And in the end, that is all that matters.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through our last week.

The theme for March is intimate details (hands, feet, hair and faces)


This was the 29th of February, which was still our love theme. Being a wife and mother is more than I could ever ask for. There is no bigger blessing for me than that.


Aubree will start the new theme off. The little details of her sweet little face belly swinging is something I will always want to remember.


This photo I just happened to stumble across. I was trying to play with just Greysin and get interesting shadows on his face and the wall. Then the little Miss does what she does best and comes to find her brother and see what hes doing. She is literally his shadow and adores him. And it was neat to actually make that come to life in this image.


 “Mommy can you put my hair up in a bow”

Her messy bun. How she wears it every single day. She says bow instead of bun because “it sounds prettier”.


My little man


Her curls and hair towel after a shower


The face of taxes. In a busy office remodel.

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  • BekahJoy

    I understand completely what you are saying. As photographers we get stuck on certain aspirations and when we can’t capture them, we can’t see the glory in the image we actually got because lets face it every photographer is a perfectionist in there inspirations, their images. I’m not talking about editing style or staying true to the photography rules. They want perfection in the moment they see in their head. We forget to be moms sometimes because of it, don’t we.
    You still have a wonderful set though, Pam, look at G’s eyes behind his glasses in all 3 of his images. You’ve captured his personality perfectly. You’ll love these soon and so will he. <3 My favorite this week is the shadow play.ReplyCancel

  • Taryn

    These are all amazing and beautiful. The shadow one is just fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Well as always, you may have been stressed but you made everything look wonderful!ReplyCancel

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